Roses or tulips? Hm…it’s hard to choose isn’t it? Well then you should ask your florist to help...

4 months ago


Planning your dream wedding can be a tricky affair, and it’s often couples have no clue where to start! But we assure you that the stresses and anxiety will soon subside when you find the right resources to help you. So TWV has compiled our list of the Top 10 Singapore Wedding Websites to help you tide through the planning phases of your wedding, making it nothing short of exciting and fun. Enjoy!


So beautiful, so beautiful that I got all teary-eyed watching this video that perfectly encapsulated the love of two. The Vows: “It’s little things, the little things… when I hear you laugh, when I laugh with you. Immediately I imagine us having wrinkles, and being like this, and moving like that, and laughing. The sound of your laughter… echos through eternity. Thank you for this gift of happiness that you’ve brought into my life. I’ll cherish every moment as though it was the first. You’ll have my love for as long as I live. Happy first day as my wife, I love you.” “I just want you to know that I’m, I feel so blessed to be with you here today, and I thank you for everything that you have done for me. & I love you, I love you for every routine now. I believe God has ordained this relationship and because of that, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life loving you. And you and I are gonna be a team, and we’re gonna be vessels for him, together to serve His Purpose in our lives… I love you babe.” Credit to: The Wedding Vow

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