Roses or tulips? Hm…it’s hard to choose isn’t it? Well then you should ask your florist to help...

4 months ago


Brides and grooms are getting more adventurous these days with a wedding dance which is a growing trend among Asian wedding. Not only that, couples with zero experience in dancing are also taking up the challenge to learn the wedding dance months before the big day to make sure they nail it on stage...

After the big splurge on your wedding, you want to make sure that you don’t keep burning your pocket at your honeymoon. It is advisable to plan for your honeymoon after determining your wedding date. An early planning can have many benefits which will help you save up a lot. Take a look at these few handy tips for you to be efficient in planning and saving up at the same time!

Weddings can be very costly, especially if you are planning to host one at a ballroom with fresh flowers decorating the entire space, have a jazz trio entertaining the crowd and a multi-layer, exotic flavour wedding cake on display. Even if the wedding you are planning for is simple, an amount of expenses has to be allocated to run your wedding. Here are a few tips for you to make sure you save enough for your wedding...

As much as you are excited and ecstatic about that new suit you got for your wedding day, that customized cuff links that you personally designed, or even that high-end leather Oxford shoe that you bought, if you do not keep up with the grooming, there is no point in decking up but your teeth are yellow and your nose hair peeking out of your nostrils!

With a red, white and roses wedding theme, CK and Mei’s hilltop wedding at Faber Peak was... The post CK & Mei | Love On Top Of The World appeared first on Wedding Story Singapore.

Let’s switch things up with a post dedicated to the *other half* of the wedding party. Hopefully it will inspire any gift giving you’ve got coming up (even Father’s Day, perhaps?). And have we mentioned there’s an epic giveaway in honor of Share a Coke being back with more names and possibilities than ever? Naturally our […] The post A groom’s gift box idea + Share a Coke giveaway appeared first on 100 Layer Cake.

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